Output 2

OUTPUT 2: IT format for the development of blended courses



2.1 Types of audio-visual learning material


This video provides an introduction to three types of audio-visual learning material as defined by EFESE. The video was originally targeted at teaching staff to prepare them for the EFESE training in Leuven but it is useful for anybody interested in blended learning and the creation of audio-visual learning material.








2.2 Guidelines for video preproduction


These guidelines are meant to help teaching staff create audio-visual learning material. The focus is on the first stage, i.e., preproduction. Some basic principles, theories, and practical applications are explained.









2.3 Questionnaires on interactivity


Two questionnaires were constructed to obtain feedback from both the instructor and the students, after they had participated in a long-distance synchronous session using Skype as the online interaction tool. These questionnaires can be adapted for other research on interactivity, especially into the attitudes of the two parties (instructor and students) towards the innovative experience.






2.4 Report on interactivity


This is a graphical report on the results of a pilot test regarding interactivity. Specifically, it refers to a long-distance synchronous session using Skype as the on-line interaction tool. This study collects impressions and comments from both students and the instructor after participating in a Skype session for the first time.






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