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2018 EISS Conference Venice (Italy) - “Sustainable social security: past and future challenges in social security”

2017 EISS Conference Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - “Devolution and Decentralisation: Dismantling Social Welfare or a Democratic Promise for the Future?”

2016 EISS Conference Oslo (Norway) - "Social Security and the changing Concept of Work"

2015 EISS Conference Vienna (Austria) - "Migration and social assistance"

2014 EISS Conference Leuven (Belgium) - "Social integration through social security: policies, outcomes and rights"

2013 EISS Conference Luxembourg (Luxembourg) - "Social Security and Fraud"

2012 EISS Conference Budapest (Hungary) - "Pensions systems and the crises"

2011 EISS Conference Ljubljana (Slovenia) - "Changing social security"

2010 EISS Conference Leuven (Belgium) - "The social security of moving researchers"

2009 EISS Conference Athens (Greece) - "Public - private partnerships in statutory social security"

2008 EISS Conference Berlin (Germany) - "50 years after the start – New rules on EU Social Security Coordination"

2007 EISS Conference Seville (Spain) - "Immigration from outside the EU and social security"

2006 EISS Conference Roskilde (Denmark) - "Prevention and integration"

2005 EISS Conference Utrecht (the Netherlands) - "Differences in life cycles and social security"

2004 EISS Conference Rome (Italy) - "Federalism and subsidiarity in social security"

2003 EISS Conference Graz (Austria) - "Freedom of choice in social security"

2002 EISS Conference in Jena (Germany) - "EU-enlargement and social security"

2001 EISS Conference in Bergen (Norway) - "European social security and global politics"

2000 EISS Conference in Göteborg (Sweden) - "Confidence and changes. Managing social protection systems in the New Millennium"

1999 EISS Conference in Limassol (Cyprus) - "Work patterns and social protection"

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