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2020 EISS Conference in Zagreb, Croatia:
“Tackling New Forms of Work in Social Security”


NOTICE: in addition to the well-known difficulties caused by COVID-19, the University buildings in Zagreb suffered heavy damages in a recent earthquake, which makes it impossible for the conference to take place.

However, the Institute plans to organize an activity for its members focused on COVID-19 and social security. More details will follow in due time.


The European Institute of Social Security will celebrate its annual conference with the University of Zagreb as local host in Zagreb. The conference will be held from 24-25 September on the topic of new forms of work. Our gratitude goes to Professor Vukorepa and her team for their efforts in putting together a very interesting programme and a promising conference.

Conference Programme



Labour markets are changing across Europe. Flexible labour forms, such as casual work, freelance work, platform work, ... are increasingly in demand by employers. Persons working on the basis of these  alternative work forms can be swiftly hired and fired by employers and  can be more easily integrated in modern production processes. Hence, due to their flexible character they have become an important element in entrepreneurial strategies to save production costs and help enterprises to face the growing competition in the globalised economy.

However, apart from labour law challenges, flexible work forms also create a number of challenges for the organisation and financing of social security schemes. These schemes have often been designed with the standard worker in mind, i.e. the full-time employee working in a subordinated relationship on the basis of an open ended labour contract. New forms of work deviate from standard work in many aspects: work is contracted part-time and/or definite in duration; the income of the non-standard worker is not coming from one employer or client, yet can be generated across a variety of commissioned (short-term) work assignments; ... . 

New forms of work are growing in size, amounting now to approximately 40% of the workforce in the EU. Social security systems consequently need to be reshaped in order to keep the new work forms on board.

With this conference we have the ambition to highlight the challenges that new forms of work generate for traditional social security systems. 

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