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The country reports prepared for the event are available for members of the EISS upon request at info[at]

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A publication on the topic of COVID-19 and social security is now available through EISS:

Unemployment Insurance for the Self-Employed: A Way Forward Post-Corona

Paul Schoukens (European Institute for Social Security and KU Leuven) and Enzo Weber (Institute for Employment Research  and University of Regensburg)

In the aftermath of the online event, the Secretariat-General of the EISS is working on a report based on the proceedings of the event.

    Response to COVID-19 in Social Security

    Online Event

    Since the annual conference of the European Institute of Social Security cannot take place as planned this year due to several circumstances, this conference has been cancelled for 2020 and will take place in a similar form in 2021.

    Instead of the annual conference, the EISS organized an online activity on COVID-19 on 25 September 2020. The impact of the current crisis is huge, and has caused governments to intervene in many areas, not least in social security. Which measures have been taken throughout Europe? Can we identify common trends and challenges throughout the continent?

    The EISS online event focused on several national testimonies and measures taken nationally through pre-recorded presentations of country reports that were made available beforehand. During the event, the focus was on discussions on these presentations as well as comparative cross-country presentations. 


    You can find the full programme here.


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