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2018 EISS Conference in Venice, Italy: “Sustainable social security: past and future challenges in social security”


The EISS is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a splendid international conference.

Dates: October 11-12, 2018

Venue: Venice International University – Isola di San Servolo

Topic: Sustainable social security: past and future challenges in social security

Sustainability is often referred to as a major objective to be respected by social policy makers. Yet, what is to be understood by this principle? Is there something as a common understanding of the principle of sustainability, valid across various disciplines, in a cross-national setting and going beyond the mere economic-financial assessment of system sustainability (“i.e. financial and economic constraints to social security”), which is traditionally applied by international organizations such as IMF, OECD and the EU?

By merging the different views on sustainability (law, economics and social security), the ambition is to find out whether sustainability can be a guiding principle in designing a global model for social security, reaching in its turn to new global (legal) standards in the field of social security. The joint event is thus addressing an international (European) public and has the ambition to bring together established scholars in the field as well as the upcoming younger generation of social security scientists.

The conference will also be the occasion to celebrate the 50 years of the European Institute of Social Security; hence, we plan to bring together the past (founding generations of the Institute) and the future generations of social security scientists around the topic of sustainability (part of them being participants in the Young Research Event that will precede the conference).

Call for papers. NOTE: Deadline extended! While we had a high number of abstracts sent in, there is still the possibility to submit proposals for a paper, but only for the topic of residence/migration.The deadline for the call for papers (abstracts) for this topic field has been extended to June 3, 2018.

Program and registration. Our program has been updated and the registrations are already open.

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