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2016 EISS Conference - Oslo (Norway) "Social Security and the changing Concept of Work"

The EISS European Conference 2016: Social Security and the changing concept of work introduction and preliminary programme

EISS Norge, the Norwegian Section of the European Institute of Social Security hosts the annual EISS Conference in Oslo 22. and 23 September 2016 in cooperation with the faculty of Law at the University of Oslo. The Conference will be held at the premises of the Faculty of Law, in downtown Oslo.

The topic of the conference is “Social Security and the changing concept of work”. Both pension schemes and most other social security schemes as we know them are financed by contributions that are levied on salary from work, and / or income from self employment. The sustainability of the schemes therefore rely partly on a working population generating a steady flow of income to cover for the benefits.

In modern Europe, the concept of work currently undergoes changes. Employers demand higher skills, work can be organized in more flexible and mobile manner and there is a growing number of people aged 60+ in the workforce. Furthermore, we see other signs of fundamental changes, like the growth of an informal sector that has been labelled “the sharing economy”. Social security systems need to respond to these changes but struggle in doing so.

Through a series of keynote speeches and discussions, the conference will examine the relationship between a changing working life, and social security schemes that most Europeans have learned to trust as an integrated part of their life through decades: the leading question is to what extent is the changing work environment affecting the traditional organization of social security?

You can find further information on the website of the Norwegian Section of the EISS

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