Structure and internal organization

The Presidium of the Institute

The Presidium takes care of the day-to-day management of the EISS and is supported by the EISS Secretariat. The Presidium consists of the president, four vice-presidents and the secretary-general. It is the bureau which defines the competencies of this small executive board.

The presidium is the executive board of the EISS.


    Prof. dr. Marhold                           Essi Rentola                             Prof. dr. Strban                       Prof. dr. Mousmouti                      Prof. dr. Gächter                    Prof. dr. Schoukens

Our institute is presided by Prof. dr. Franz Marhold, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria.

He is assisted by four vice-presidents: Essi Rentola, Director in the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in the Department for Social Security and Social Insurance, Prof. dr. Grega Strban of the University of Ljubljana, Prof. dr. Maria Mousmouti of the University of London, and Prof. dr. Thomas Gächter of the University of Zurich.

The presidium is completed by the secretary-general, a task which is taken up by Prof. dr. Paul Schoukens, professor of (European) social security law of the KU Leuven (Belgium).

prof. Marhold

The Bureau of the Institute

The Bureau determines the detailed programme of the conferences and publications is composed of the representatives of the active national sections and working groups.

  • Prof. dr. Elisabeth Brameshuber, President of the Austrian section
  • Prof. dr. Stamatia Devetzi and Prof. dr. Hans-Joachim Reinhard, Presidents of the German section
  • Prof. dr. Patrina Paparrigopoulou, President of the Greek section
  • Prof. Romke van der Veen, President of the national section of the Netherlands
  • Mr. Martin Andresen, President of the Norwegian section
  • Prof. dr. José Luis Monereo and Prof. dr. Cristina Sanchez, President/representative of the Spanish section
  • Prof. dr. Sara Stendahl and Prof. dr. Thomas Erhag, Presidents of the Swedish section
  • Dr. Klaus Kapuy, President EFESE working group


The budget of the EISS, which is a non-profit organization, consists of membership fees, subsidies and the income resulting from research projects. Every year, the bureau determines the budget. It also submits the accounts to the General Assembly.


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