Blended learning

EFESE, a project on blended learning

The EFESE project (European Format for the Exchange of Social Security Education) made important contributions towards the development and exchange of blended courses (i.e., a combination of online and face-to-face learning activities).

EFESE was financed by Eramus+ from 2014 to 2017. See more about the project at

What can be learnt from EFESE and its efforts towards blended learning? 

The EISS supports the dissemination of social security education and, consequently, the dissemination of the EFESE project outputs.

This is a selection of project outputs that could be adapted, used, and replicated in other similar projects for the development and exchange of blended courses:

Output 1: Survey of needs, ideas, existing practices and evaluation

Output 2: IT format for the exchange of blended courses

Output 3: Pedagogical format for the development of blended courses

Output 4: Study regarding the feasibility of a joint/multiple master programme in the field of social security

Output 5: Proposal for a comprehensive curriculum

Output 6: Dissemination of project activities and networking


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