EISS 2006

2006 EISS Conference in Roskilde, Denmark:
"Prevention and integration"                                                         

First session: Integration and social welfare

  • “New risks and welfare”, presented by Prof. Peter Taylor-Gooby, University of Kent, United Kingdom
  • “Social inclusion and the “makeover” of the European Social Model”, presented by Prof. Edoardo Ales, University of Cassino, Italy
  • “The concentration of poverty in the city of Vilnius: coping strategies of means-tested benefits recipients”, presented by Dr. Jolanta Aidukaite, Södertöm högskola, Sweden
  • “Challenges of privatization of social services”, presented by Prof. George Katrougalos, Democritos University of Thrace (Greece)


Second session: Social exclusion and integration

  • “How can social capital prevent social exclusion?”, presented by Prof. Claire Wallece, University of Aberdeen, Scotland
  • “Person-orientated social services of general interest: the EKKA Network as a case-study in the national and European context”, Dr. Jur. Petros Tsantilas, EKKA, Greece
  • “New social risks and social exclusion as a challenge to Czech Social Policy”, presented by Tomás Širovatká, Masaryck University Brno, Czech Republic
  • “New administrative models for combating social exclusion in the countries of Southern Europe based on a case-study in Greece”, presented by Prof. Xenophon Contiadis, University of Peloponnese, Greece and Dr. Maria Mousmouti, Centre for European Constitutional Law, Greece


Third session: Preventive elements

  • “Social consequences of work-injuries – a Danish case-study”, presented by Mr. Carl Nørregård, Arbejdsskadestyrelsen, Denmark
  • “Prevention and integration as social security imperatives: constitutional perspectives from South Africa”, presented by Prof. Marius Olivier, University of Johannesburg, South Africa and George Letlholka Mpedi, MPI for Social Law, Germany
  • “Preventing poverty in the European Union”, presented by Prof. Adrian Sinfield, University of Edinburgh, Scotland


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