EISS 2010

2010 EISS Conference in Leuven, Belgium: 
"The social security of moving researchers"

Researchers are moving frequently and for shorter periods of time from one country to another or are even active in different countries at the same time. When a researcher of today retires he/she has often been employed by many different employers and this even in different social security statuses. The work patterns have changed dramatically. In fact the mobility of the researcher constitutes an essential element in the realization of a dynamic and successful European Research Area which has been one of the top priorities of the European Commission over the last years.

During this conference experts in the field of social security and researchers’ mobility address the issues which internationally mobile researchers are confronted with when moving within and outside Europe. It is often the case that researchers’ mobility is hampered by obstacles linked to his.her social protection.

Not only an analysis of the problems is made but possible options for solutions will be presented and discussed.


Publication: 'The Social Security of Mobile Researchers', J. Berghman and P. Schoukens (eds), 2011, ACCO



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